July 16, 2011

More Etchings

Rabbit Clover

Mushroom with color
Wonderfully fun digitally printed color on special paper that retains ink when soaked for a few minutes before printing my copper etching over the color.
First I printed the plate as usual, second I scanned the image to my computer, third I "painted" the color onto the scanned image in Adobe Photoshop, adding and erasing color until I was happy with it. I then printed the color image onto the special paper, and printed the etching plate over the color. I will do more of these in the future. So fun!


I so enjoyed making these little etchings, and others that I will add as soon as I get my Photoshop turned back on. Now for sell at Scentimental Gardens in Geneva, Illinois.

Birdhouse Nest original etching

Bird Nest Egg original etching