March 05, 2013

Etsy Card Shop

Shop Post Card

I'm getting ready to send a post card out to retail shops that are a good fit to sell my greeting and gift cards. I may send 2 of my greeting cards along with the post card for the shop owners to see exactly what the cards feel and look like in hand. This is the initial attempt for the post card image, but I may tweak it a bit more before having it created at Once I have the post card ready, I will launch my Etsy Card Shop and I will post a link for the Etsy card shop here.

March 03, 2013

Miraculous Creation

Mixed Vegetables study

Looking forward to the spring and summer to paint more groupings of fruits and vegetables. Each time I paint one of these studies, it teaches me much about how amazing nature and creation is. Think about how when a little human is born, how every part of the baby is such a miracle. How fascinating it is that all the parts are there that make up a human. Everything in nature is this same miraculous creation. From a seed comes the whole of whatever God and nature has formed. This is what awesome is all about. 

March 01, 2013

Mother Nature

Being in touch with nature, feeling a part of nature, which we all are, makes it possible to get and be in touch with our true natural selves. I hope to spend as much time in nature as I possibly can in the coming months.

As I spend time outside soaking up the smells, sights, sounds, possible tastes and definite feel and touch of nature I will bring what I am moved by and inspired by into my art.

Nature helps me feel grounded, and being grounded makes me realize that I am part of something that connects us all. This is very important to someone who was not raised to feel a part of much. Nature is my home, my teacher, my mother.