June 28, 2012

Artists Procrastination Tactics

This woodcut took me twice as long as
I ever thought it would, but that was
partially due to my procrastination tactics.
Do all artists do this?
Is it possible for any artist to schedule creative time and actually use that time wisely? This is my question to any of you artists out there. You know who you are, and you know what I mean, right? I have talked with other artists about this very issue. We have so many ideas, but are unable to decide which project to begin or how to get started. I love working on my art, and I work fairly often, but sometimes I put off starting a project because I just want to make sure that the time I spend working is being used as wisely as possible. Ha! Sometimes I actually waste half of my time deciding which project to start or how to begin. Tell me your story of how you are able to truly use the precious time you have for getting the most work accomplished. I thank you for any advice you may have to share <3

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